Note from Marc Tseu, Owner and President:


In 1992 I started working for a company called Sleep Train as a mattress salesperson.  As I was working there I noticed that the point-of-sale application they were using was a custom application.  I reached out to one of my supervisors and explained I could help manage that application.  At this time, we had 5 stores in the Sacramento market.  I eventually took over the full development of that custom application within the first year of working there.  As time went by I became the IT Manager for all aspects of IT for our business: software development, software and hardware procurement, infrastructure, etc.  Eventually I became Director of IT and then VP of Information Technologies.  As we grew, I developed our service desk as well as our software development team.  At the peak of my career, Sleep Train had over 300 stores up and down the West coast and I managed a budget of around $2 million for a company that had an annual revenue of $500 million.  Eventually we sold the company to Mattress Firm and I stayed with them as the VP of IT Development.  After a couple of years with Mattress Firm I moved on as part of a company reorganization.   During my time spent at Mattress Firm I learned how to manage teams that were spread out across the country and experience how an IT organization of over 100 employees operates.  I will be forever grateful for my time spent at these two companies.  I now want to take these experiences and provide my knowledge and expertise to small companies that are looking for help in growing their business and how that will impact their information systems.